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Then There Were Seven

meerkats of skellig

July 2012
Hello and greetings from ‘Skelligland’, which lies dangerously close to ‘La La land’, where all musicians are extremely well paid, have people who set up the PA for them whilst they are getting their feet massaged and all the gigs go without a hitch. I did say it was close to ‘Skelligland’…..In ‘Skelligland’ however, all the musicians do get along like a house on fire, drink lots of tea, have marvelous friends who turn out at the drop of a hat to dance and play at various open mic nights which Skellig host, despite the fact that they do not get paid at all, just because it is a very nice thing to do. It’s a place where Miss Shelley Belly Brown now resides, on a more permanent basis, quite happy to learn some more stage moves from Billy, in his too tight trousers, as well as learning a whole load of new whistle tunes and endless bass lines. It’s a land where Hayden turns up just for fun, to sit on the sound desk, where he takes endless suggestions from everyone as to how the whole thing could be done better and load and unload gear from his car ‘Sancho’, without a grumble and sometimes not even dinner.
But enough of these ramblings, what is new? Skellig has been playing a lot of gigs and for this we are grateful. However, we would like to be playing more parties and weddings. We have done a lot of these in the past and are very happy to do more. So please spread the word to all who may be having a ‘do’. We would love to bring ‘joy’ to your event.
…Skellig, rock band available for parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs and opening of envelopes….
Good news, Kingdom Come was recently played on the Wolf Radio’s ‘Fresh Tracks’ (  section, thanks to Dylan, who contacted them. We want to hear more Skellig on the radio! Caleb and Will have realized the error of their ways and are now both living back in Ladysmith, so there are now three ‘Meer cats’ at gigs. I could have told them that there is no escape from the ‘family’ band. Once you join you can never leave. I am very happy that there are two other girls involved too, Shelley Belly and ‘Merch girl,’ aka Deb O’Shaughnessey. Between the Meer cats and the lovely ladies, poor Mike and Chris have their work cut out. They are big boys and I am sure they are coping admirably. I like to say we are not too troublesome, but lying is not one of my strong points.
Family bands…ah….they are the best.



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