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Skellog March 2010



Captain's Log:    Star Date     March 2010 
 Howdy Doody All
Well what to say......O dear I have been given the dubious task of putting together somat deep and meaningful on behalf of the band. That, my dears, was their only mistake. Just listening to a fantastic artist live on BBC radio 2 called Joe Bonamassa...never heard him before but love it. Seriously great blues guitarist...I am going to order his album cos it’s that good it reminds me of Paul Rogers who I love......I digress as usual.
What has been happening in the 'Land of Skellig' ? We had a great time as usual at the ‘Open Mic’ Dancing Bean Chemainus this month, some superb acts as always. Next one is being hosted by the ‘Flying Accusations’. That will be a blast from the past so get down to see them line up again....those guys are FUN with a capitol 'F'. In May Big Billy and Stevarella are off to the UK, leaving Will, Caleb, Mike and yours truly in charge......I get to do whatever I want!!! (…. well almost, once I have bribed the rest of them with cookies, which is not difficult. I can refuse Caleb board and lodging if he doesn’t comply… ) 
Looks like there will be no grumpy old men saying I can’t do a song cos it's not RRRRRRROCK! I may search the cupboards, find the boa and do some jazz. I may brush off the fiddle for some Celtic folk and get the hand /foot actions sorted for some bluegrass, who knows what will happen?
Watch this space  …Big Lis

If you're on Vancouver Island, don't miss our big Duncan show THIS SATURDAY!
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From the Skellog archives:  photos of the 1st Skellig lineup, 1994! 


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