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Calling All Life Forms……

 Star date February 1st 2012

….. ‘Space …….the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship ‘Skellig’….her yearlong mission : to explore strange new worlds, venues and people, to seek out new live venues and new civilizations, to boldly go where this band has not gone before…….TORONTO!

Hello all Skellites! Greetings, from the ‘Centre of the Universe’, Ladysmith BC:
As of this moment ‘Skellig’ is at #2 in the ‘Hard Rock Rising’ competition!!! Woohooooa!
We still need your help Earthlings! Many of you have already voted. ‘THANKS’ you wonderful people… know who you are!
They have now extended the voting until the 6th February and so we need to keep the momentum up. Tell your friends! Tell your family…even your granny can vote and download "Kingdom Come' FREE.If you like it buy a CD. Get the word out, get excited, get the dog excited, get the cat excited! Let’s get a Vancouver Island band over to the big lights. Browser link: ‘Skellig’ appears at the top. If your vote isn’t collected, try again as there have been some faults (a bit like a pair of Chris’ old underpants…….still useful but not fully operational) You have to vote and accept some stuff about Hard Rock Café and voila! Thank you so much in anticipation cos to be honest we are pleased we even made it into the competition, let alone got to #2 at any point. That in itself is an achievement and it’s all thanks to you guys. We will update you again in the near future. Keep the faith Big Lis


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