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June 2010 Skellog - Sugarlumps & NHS



‘Sugarlumps’ and Nut Huggin Speedos
OK…….. What to tell you about this month??? The pressure is unbearable……..I could launch into a whole explanation as to why I panic before every gig and have the overwhelming urge to run screaming from the venue,      ( boring), or try and explain how Chris and Steve were in fact twins separated at birth, thus exposing why the two of them have such an overwhelming belief in themselves and actually get confused, in their minds, with multimillionaire rock gods (boring and passé)……….or tell you why Mike has been overcome by the spirit of Murray from ‘Flight of the Conchords’(……I know, bizarre!) .None of the above is of any interest really, except that we spent the whole of last weekend talking in rather convincing Kiwi accents as a result of watching Bret, Jermaine and Murray do their thing. If you haven’t watched it you should. All therefore left to mention then are Caleb and Will, who are the youngest members of Skellig, lowering the average age quite nicely. I can honestly say that it is a pleasure to be in a band with both of them because they are like a pair of old pros. Every gig we play, they are complimented by someone on how accomplished they are and how professional………which is previously unknown territory in Skellig. The ‘old boys’ can be quite annoying at times! All quite clean and fairly ‘house trained’ though, so I am thinking of renting them out on an hourly basis as house maids or garden gnomes…..anyone interested??
Talking of garden gnomes, not sure if anyone knows this, but Steve and Chris were once in a band called the NHS (‘Nut Hugging Speedos’….ask Steve about it next time you see him). It’s a ‘Euro Man thing’ (not to be confused with a ‘Euro man thong’…...) that brings me nicely to an excerpt from ‘Flight of the Conchords’: the ‘Sugar Lumps’ song, to which, apparently, Caleb and Will have a superb dance routine. I feel this should be incorporated into the band’s repertoire……….don’t know what ‘Murray’ (aka Mike) would have to say about that…probably suggest we had a ‘scheduled chance meeting’, to discuss it further.
…..‘Lemme tell ya
I see you girls checkin' out my trunks
I see you girls checkin' out the front of my trunks
I see you girls checkin' out my junk, then checkin' out my rump, then back to my sugarlumps

When I shake it, I shake it all up
You probably think that my pants have the mumps
It's just my sugarlumps bump ba bump
They look so good, that's why I keep 'em in the front’………..

Looks like “Nut Huggers’’ might make a come- back after all. Steve will be pleased!
Enjoyed our gig at the Red Martini Saturday night….got home at 1am to find the cat had vomited on our carpet…….NOT very rock and roll……..  Big Lis



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