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Goodbye Steve Nash

Scan 3 Steve Nash

It is with great sadness that ‘Skellig’ posts the news that our former guitarist, Steve Nash, died prematurely on Sun. July 27th, 2014 at 3am. Steve, Chris, Caleb and Lisa played in bands together over a period of 30 years. He was a musical brother, a great guitarist, vocalist and friend.

2014 Summer Tour

Skellig's comin to YOUR town this summer - stay tuned for tour info! ‪#‎SmellTheLoveTour‬

Celebration of Light initial totals


Thank you ALL for supporting the less fortunate of Ladysmith. To-date YOU have raised $4406.70 and 700 POUNDS of food for the Ladysmith Food Bank! You've truly shown the Christmas spirit in your generosity and teamwork. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

For those who are interested, we're just about $250 shy of last years' record total ... please message us if you're still moved to help set a new record by the end of 2013 :)

Halfway to St. Patrick's Day


Here we are, just past the "Irish Winter solstice" - or the half-way point between St. Paddy's days. As a band with Celtic influence, March is always a busy time for us. We can't wait for March Madness 2014!

In the meantime, we've been lucky enough to be included on Marc Gunn's latest Irish & Celtic Music Podcast ... thanks Marc! "Grain of Sand" is featured toward the end of the podcast - but we encourage you to listen to this great collection of Celtic music all the way through.

Check it out here:


Vancouver Island Music Award Nominees!

Hello peeps.......O my word does time fly or am I just working on ‘Lisa Time’, which actually involves no time at all and where if it did exist all tasks could be completed in 5 mins regardless of their content?
Good news.....(no, Dylan hasn’t grown his hair and long beard back)..........almost as good as that.
Skellig was nominated at the VIMAs for ‘Island Live Act of the Year’
Woot! woot!

Also in this category were:


Skellig Takes Toronto - Official Trailer

Official trailer for our upcoming rockumentary!

Skellig - Kingdom Come [Live at Hard Rock Café Toronto]

For all of you who voted us off the Island, here's the performance that got us into the finals for a second trip to Toronto - thanks! =)

Then There Were Seven

meerkats of skellig

July 2012


dylan celt fest skellig celt fest





Calling All Life Forms……

 Star date February 1st 2012

….. ‘Space …….the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship ‘Skellig’….her yearlong mission : to explore strange new worlds, venues and people, to seek out new live venues and new civilizations, to boldly go where this band has not gone before…….TORONTO!

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